Is this the best treffer in the world ever? Egmond – Kom red my…. Never forget. Never ever forget.

Every so often a little gem falls from the stars.

That little gem needs to land on this earth, to be subjected to massive pressures and then, only after millions of years, a diamond will form.

This video still has several hundred thousand years to go. It may not be a diamond.

But yassis. It is most certainly a gem.

Ladies and gentlemen..

I present.


I have a little cameo role in the new @phfat @jackparow “Spring Moederfokker” video from @ryankrugerthing with @juicyjemma

What fun this was to shoot.

Ryan Kruger has directed me in quite a few projects now. I previously was in one of his other music video’s for Taxi Violence. This was shot at a primary school in Greenpoint. Yes. Yolande Malherbe is rather hot. Yes indeed. So then is the other nurse in the shoot. The lovely Lise Slabber.

Anyway. I think this is a great tune. Well impressed with Ryan’s work. He really is good.

This was the previous video I shot with him for Taxi Violence

And this folks. Is why he filled out the Sun City Superbowl.

You know an artist takes his craft seriously. So seriously that he is prepared to film it OVERSEAS.
That is crazy lengths that the most talented man in the 80’s would go to, just to guarantee a hit for his fans.

This kind of devotion is now gone.
Some say it was voted out at the end of apartheid. Some say it lingers deeper. Almost always there. Hardly seen. But ever present.
Ladies and Gentlemen.

Bles Bridges

The Comedia Comedy Line Up for @synergylive 2011

Here is the line up for the Comedy at this years Synergy Live Festival at Boschendal Wine Estate

I have included a link to their blog’s or websites if they have one as well as their twitter links.

Comedia New Acts Friday night 8pm – 10pm
Hosted By: Warren Robertson @warrenRcomedian
8:10-8:25 Peter Sserwanga @solidgame
8:30-8:45 Kurt Langeveld @peterparkerspa
8:50-9:05 Lazola Gola @lazgola
9:10-9:20 Kellyn Coetzee @oh_her
9:25-9:40 Rustum August @rustum420august
9:45-10:00 Chris Steenkamp @JohnnyCranko

Afrikaans Comedy Show
Hosted By Louw Venter @louw_venter
11:20-11:40 Piet Potgieter @dutchman75
11:40-12:00 Melt Sieberhagen @meltsieb

Improv 1:00-2:30
Melt Sieberhagen @meltsieb
Rob Van Vuuren @robvanvuuren
Louw Venter @louw_venter
Paul Snodgrass @snoddie
Warren Robertson @WarrenRcomedian

Best of the Fest
Hosted By Martin Davis @martindavis
4:10-4:30 Siv Ngesi @iamSivN
4:40-5:00 Melt Sieberhagen @meltsieb
5:10-5:30 Martin Evans @hellpants
5:40-6:00 Warren Robertson @warrenRcomedian
6:10-6-30 Paul Snodgrass @snoddie

Musical Comedy
7:00-7:45 The Brothers Streep @brothersstreep

Comedia New Acts Saturday
Hosted By Simmi Areff @simmiareff
8:10-8:25 KG @KGcomic
8:30-8:45 Oliver Booth @olibooth
8:50-9:05 Piet Potgieter @dutchman75
9:10-9:20 Angel Blythe Campey @yesReallyAngel
9:25-9:40 Carl Weber @CarlCweber
9:45-10:00 Dylan Skews

How long before #bucknorris takes over #entertheninja on youtube for number of hits? Tough break Waddy!

In the past year or two. It was Die Antwoord who seemed to have racked up the largest number of hits on youtube by South Africans.

Seems all of Waddy’s hard work is about to be eclipsed by a red hartebeest.

Watch as Evan van der Spuy of Team Jeep South Africa got taken out by a RED HARTEBEES at the Time Freight Express MTB race at Albert Falls Dam. Recorded on a little #gopro camera…It is really amazing foootage to watch.

I love the comment underneath it…

The Buck: Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.


with 6 500 000 plus views already…I think that “Die Antwoord” are going to see their good work destroyed shortly.

If you missed their video. Here it is..

Hens teeth. Its the 8th Show. Tune in/download the latest Drivetime Robbery

We have two brand new features in this weeks show.

We went on an amazing journey a few days ago, we went deep up the river of polony and nearly found the source.

We also have a telephone interview with Jim Jeffries.  He will be in South Africa in the next few days with shows in Cape Town and Joburg.

We have two sets of double tickets to give away.
We need you to send us your favourite Jim Jefferies punchline…send it to the twitter accounts @hellpants and @robvanvuuren

We have Wombat Sam in this week instead of Lauren.  she is probably doing something a lot more important.

Here are the Links for the week for the

“Lauren’s weird shit”
Who does the bible actually say to stone?,53734/

60 completely unusable stock photos

Amazing origami insects

Unfortunately Names Websites

GIRP game

Baby trashes bar in Las Palmas

Freddy Wong’s amazing videos

“Just Breathe” crowd-made emotionally uplifting song:

Introducing my new baby to the world. She may have seen a few parents before, but i will love her like one of my own.

1980 VW Kombi Autovilla
This is my new baby.  She will be moving to my new home for her shortly.

I put in an offer for a 1980  VW Kombi Autovilla.  It is in mint original condition and I cannot wait to break down in exotic locations with her.

With so many festivals and events this year that im either working at or attending, I thought about getting a little van to save the hastle and strife of camping into a more secure….warm….and bloody cool vehicle.

Gone are the days of flat cell-phone batteries, gone are the days of longing for the simple pleasure of a hot cup of coffee.  Yes.  This wee beastie is going to make me a happy man.


Shakira’s “This time for Africa”,may as well be for an advert for club med holiday on one of the Carribean Islands.

But by jingo this is getting exciting.

The world cup is just days away.  At last nights gig at Zulas, it was a very foreign audience.  Great to see just how many different nationalities were in.  Granted they were a fairly miserable bunch.  But if the weather continues like this, the biggest fear most tourists will have for their safety is the weather.

Folks are going to die of hypothermia in this shit.  It must have rained a good 40mm of rain this past day or two.  I know this, since my car leaks.  When I say leak, it’s almost as if the water demons felt they could do whatever they wanted.  They did.  From some mystery location that has baffled mechanics, amateurs and fathers, nobody can locate this leak.

But there is nothing more enjoyable than having the chance to lift your car carpeting up to beginning the process of mopping up with a sponge, the best part of 8 litres of water.  I shit thee not.

I hate my car.  I hate my scooter.

I do very much look forward to a change of transport, and that bloody camera ive been craving.  Stock not in, going to go and check up.  Waka Waka, Can you feel it?  Its called being unprepared.

fraap fraap

Die Antwoord attack and hold Shakira for ransom.

I think the next think Die Antwoord should do it commit a  proper crime. Get some credentials for the prison tattoo’s.  This is their chance.  Use this world cup for good.

Why not kidnap Shakira.  Get the Colombians to pay a ransom for her.  Job done.  She is kept quiet, and you make some money out of it.

Watching them on Saturday it was evident that they are going to have to leave these shores to taste proper success.  South African crowds have a tendency to sort of mooch about and not get properly excited.  Shame shame really.

As much as i enjoyed the show. I would like to have seen Jack Parow on stage with them.  In essence, all their tunes are collaborations.  I just love when there is a whole bunch of them rapping rather, than just Ninja filling in all the gaps.

Whilst they got their attention world-wide through the internet, they may have to do something to keep folks attention on them.  Killing or kidnapping shakira could be the ideal start.

Opskop Wine Weekend, with some Langebaan on the Friday.

What a weekend its been.  Comics and muso’s scattering and scuttling about the cape to get to gigs.

Melt Sieberhagen and Hannes Brummer drove down from Joburg for a couple of gigs this weekend.  Friday we were down in Langebaan and had a absolutely wonderful gig down there.  Started badly when I realised just outside of town that I had forgotten the mic in my car boot.  Bugger.  But it went down very well there.  We shot off back to Cape Town , then made our way out to Robertson wtih the guys as well as Dugald Pieterse.  We made it there in time to catch up with Rob Van Vuuren who was mc’ing the event. We caught the end of the rugby with the Springboks narrowly beating the Welsh…  Then we hit the stage to a good couple of hundred folks.  It went down really well.  We got off stage, had a glass of wine and a chat with the acts.  Arno Carstens took a pic and tweeted it of my leg….ho haa.  But I wasnt drinking as I had to us back into town in time for Die Antwoord at the 3Arts Centre.

Ive got a bit of a beef with South African audiences on the whole.  Right across the board we tend to show a really poor understanding of whats good or bad or needing attention or needing ignored.

We support some of the worst made South African films.  We make millionaires out of treffer supersterre, we are not particulalry fussy when it comes to er, being fussy.

Die Antwoord went out there and tore it a new one.  As an act, they have it down.  They have a billion tons of charisma and appeal.  Ninja must be nine foot tall.  His pieldance is bloody hilarious and he moves his frame about the stage like an alien.  Genius.    What can I say of Yolandi Vi$$er, Oh my god I am in love with her.  She oozes sex appeal on the stage.  Her timing was spot on and she just rocked.  Proper international superstars here.

But the Cape Town audience didn’t come to the party.  Looking around the massive 3 Arts centre, I thought that the place looked kak.  The sound was  weak and needed a good bit more behind it.  The crowd was white.  Like the massive majority white.  A too cool for school audience was there to support.  But they were not behind it.  They were not rising up to the moment.  They were like.  Cool, whatever.

I felt disappointed that the roof wasnt ripped off.  There was nothing stopping that being a defining moment in Cape Town’s music history.  They will not go off and tour the world and get ten times the welcome wherever they go.  Shame South Africa.  Our taste and reactions suck.

Die Antwoord bloody rocked it. The Cape Town audience were kak though.

I got to see Die Antwoord on Saturday night.

I had to drive in from Robertson where I was performing at the Opskop event.  Myself and the other comics darted back into Cape Town, met up with my friend and managed to walk into the venue, drinks in hand as the first track was kicking off.

I had another cool experience a wee while back.  I was at a screening of District 9 with cast and crew and I saw the same thing there too.  Why is it that South African audiences show such terrible apathy at something they should be loving.

Whilst Yolandi (who is soo sexy by the way) and Ninja gave it their all and destroyed the place, the audience looked like they couldn’t have cared less.  There was no vibe.  On the downside, the venue was so strange and bleak.  You could park two of the Hindenburg’s in there.  The sound just wasnt big enough either, and the lack of visuals was a big disappointment.

I’m pretty certain that Poe$ Groot World Tour is going to be bigger than anything the Parlotones could dream of.  Still think i got to see something special though.  Go and see this.  You will bloody love it.