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Lunch time #Epicburger #meatfreemovember @frysfamily #Frysfamily

This has been a bleak year for many people. It certainly has been one of change for me. I have to say however that my changes have mostly been from a positive space. Ive been giving my future prospects some attention recently and there has been some fantastic response there. 2016 couldn’t be looking any rosier.

Ive’ only got a minute here to spare today. Here is what I am throwing together for my #MeatfreeMovember #FrysFamily #Epicburger.

That’s a lot of hashtage. But this was lovely.


I made two types. Firstly I fried up the Meat Free Traditional burgers for about 8 mins. Threw in a a bit of red onion. I had some tasty cheese rolls with some fancy chutney on them. I had a bag of nice mixed herbs and made a base.  On one of the burgers, I have added beetroot chutney that is delicious. On the other one a really tasty tomato pickle. Spicy but just delicious.I thought I would throw a fried egg on top of one as well.

Downsides? The egg burst it’s yolk on my nice shirt


A few lifestyle changes may be required.

If my body was a car, I would probably fail the roadworthy.

I think the need to make changes is something that you often are just a part of. Make changes or feel ill all the time.  I say this like I have some sort of idea of what being fit really is. Frankly if I haven’t seen it on youtube, it probably hasn’t happened. All I do know is that my current ways are not working out so great.

Been about 50 days now. Been going to gym regularly, been working to fix my range of motion on my shoulder and things are looking good. Other than a few glasses of wine over the month, I have managed to remain alcohol free for at least 40 days now.

I spoke about a change of diet on Cape Talk 702 last week about #MeatFreeMonday #MeatFreeMovember and what kind of changes you guys are facing.  Folks have been sending me a whole range of recipes and suggestions.  I think my body has been asking for it.


Giving the #MeatFreeMovember tacos with quacamole a try.

I have been working hard all day. I wasn’t really in the mood to spend too much time in the Kitchen. But I managed to throw this together in about 35mins.

It’s pretty simple.

Take one box of the Fry’s Meat Free Mince.

Add a chopped onion, some green pepper, some garlic,  half a teaspoon of paprika and about a quarter or cumin, and gently fry that all up. Add the Fry’s Meat Free Mince and cook away. After it was all browned, I added the tomato paste.  I took a photo of the ingredients that I used.


The quacamole was really simple.

Took 2 large avocados. (nice and ripe) and added coriander and chilli and two tomatoes  with one chopped onion and salt and pepper with some lime juice from half a lime. Mashed them up all up with a fork and was sorted. (Sounding like Jamie Oliver here).

The salsa was just 250g of tomato finely chopped with more onion and more chilli. I used the rest of the lime juice here along with the remaining coriander.

The taco shells just took a few minutes under the grill to warm up and it was ready. Spooned the meat free filling into the warm taco shells and covered with guacamole and salsa.  Delicious. I think this was my favourite meal so far.

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Day two of a #MeatfreeMovember with a vegan twister wrap.

Snacks. Nothing too heavy.
I am the kind of guy who does impulse buy. Sneaky eating is no joke.

I have been very aware of my state of temptation. But I have done well.
I no longer linger in the queue by the cashier. Nope. I move on by. No more sweets.

I have been giving my cardio training more attention than it has ever received before. I am looking to limit my carb intake in due course, but I have allowed myself a tortilla wrap and some hummus on it too. I used the Frys Family meat-free pops for this and made a rather tasty twister-esque snack that was delicious.  To jazz it up, I just added some some lettuce, some carrot and some red pepper and tomato from the fridge.

#MeatfreeMovember is the challenge. Im getting nutrients without cruelty. Unless you consider the carnage a soya bean goes through.

After this, its off to the gym anyway.


Are you a Comedian? Then tell us a joke.

Ah comedy. She has always been my first love.

Funny isn’t about jokes in my world. Sure, they play a part in it but to me, real humour exists in stories, life and truth. When you tell someone you are in the comedy business it can elicit a bunch of responses from people. To be honest, most of them are positive.

The one thing I have learned to deal with over the years is essential in the journey of a comedian… If you cannot ‘shake it off’ then I fear you are in the wrong industry.

I have never been a doctor, or a plumber, or a policeman. I wonder what happens when they meet a stranger. Does the stranger say to the doctor, “Are you a doctor? Prove it, fix some disease or something”. Do folks ask a plumber they’ve just met, “So boet, you tuning me that you are a plumber? Nah, you can’t be. Go and fix my toilet, then I will believe it”. It just doesn’t make sense that folks think some jobs need to be justified. I would never walk up to a cop and say, “Officer? Really? Prove it. Go and arrest that man over there”.

People are always using my job as a method to test me – to prove it. “Are you a comedian? Prove it, make me laugh!”

Trying to sum your career up with a few chosen words… Not easy. Not fun. Not fair. I normally ask them if they would like to hear a few words from my set, which of course, they say yes to.

It’s at that point I go, “I have been Martin Evans, goodnight” and walk away briskly.

It may not be funny but I wasn’t kidding. It’s from my set. It’s about all I can do to ‘shake it off’.

That would be the worst thing ever. But it gets worse. Normally the same folks who ask you to prove that you are comedian will also be the first people to volunteer to tell you a joke. Not a good joke. Not a funny joke. Not an original joke either.

Normally it will be something you last heard twenty years ago in the school grounds when some racist, ignorant kid was spouting off some rubbish they heard from their uncle… “Ja boet, you can use that in your set. You owe me now, hey!”

Stop it. Stop the nonsense.
Please, I beg you all