the true story of polony…..a podcast into the true beauty of horsemeat

This was recorded with Rob Van Vuuren a few months ago.
We had quite the adventure. The good people at the Golden Dish treated us to the finest Polony Gatsby known to the cape…washed down with a bottle of cabana….good times people..good times

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it isnt for everyone

Ladies and Gentlemen. I present, “The Polony Diaries”

Rob and I went on a food adventure.  We went in search of the history of polony.  What we found was a story of adventure and joy and a free gatsby.  Thanks kindly to the good people of the Golden Dish in Athlone.  It ’twas a most tasty experience. We got to go backstage at the best.

polony download here.  its lovely.

Music provided by Lowetjie Rothman.  Nice work sir.

Hens teeth. Its the 8th Show. Tune in/download the latest Drivetime Robbery

We have two brand new features in this weeks show.

We went on an amazing journey a few days ago, we went deep up the river of polony and nearly found the source.

We also have a telephone interview with Jim Jeffries.  He will be in South Africa in the next few days with shows in Cape Town and Joburg.

We have two sets of double tickets to give away.
We need you to send us your favourite Jim Jefferies punchline…send it to the twitter accounts @hellpants and @robvanvuuren

We have Wombat Sam in this week instead of Lauren.  she is probably doing something a lot more important.

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Lauren’s Weird Shit brought to you by @wombatsam

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Fresh Hell Podcast

Drivetime Robbery Podcast is now up…download from here.

Hello folks.

This week, both Rob and I were unable to record the show live.  So in a way to make our lives a much more complex place, we deceided to go and record it live and in various parts.

On the show this week we have a fantastic assortment of guests.

We have Siv Ngesi in studio, discussing his show “Dekaf”

We get to chat to Kevin McCallum in India who is covering the Cricket World Cup.
Interviews and live recordings of Guy Buttery as well as in studio chats with Regan from the Flamjangled Tea Party.

Drivetime Robbery Show Six

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