Lunch time #Epicburger #meatfreemovember @frysfamily #Frysfamily

This has been a bleak year for many people. It certainly has been one of change for me. I have to say however that my changes have mostly been from a positive space. Ive been giving my future prospects some attention recently and there has been some fantastic response there. 2016 couldn't be looking any … Continue reading Lunch time #Epicburger #meatfreemovember @frysfamily #Frysfamily

Im going to try #MeatfreeMovember along with @frysFamily

I was once a vegetarian. It didn’t last too long. It was more a flirtation with it in College. I went along to a few Hare Krishna meetings at the University and frankly I enjoyed the free lunch. I was twenty and I enjoyed embracing my hippie side as well as food that cost nothing. … Continue reading Im going to try #MeatfreeMovember along with @frysFamily