Seriously, how cool is my dog?

This is the best dog ever. I really mean it. She is kind, clever, protective and my bestest buddy.

Last night when my fiancée was returning home. She arranged for the armed response to make sure she arrived safely. My dog Frieda was there to bark like an animal possessed and show the world that as cuddly as she seems. She is not to be messed with. I love this dog.


20 weeks, 140 days, and im off for my first walk up to the ponds with the pooch.

Pretty much every day, I would take my dog for a wee walk or swim up in the mountains.  To me, one of the best things about living in Cape Town in the City Bowl, is the ability to be in nature literally just crossing the road.

I off now for a wee drive/walk up the road.  Ive been walking unassisted now for a week or two.  I have been advised to put weight on my leg and the loosened up the bolts on my external fixator in order for me to take some more strain.

Its going really well.  So im off now to drive pretty much most of the way up, and then a small walk to the ponds.  My dog treats that place as if a god made it just for her.  So looking forward to this.

Im going to upload some pics from there shortly.