Rants with Pants Episode 6

Back in the car this time, driving through to Seapoint, I pass the majestic Camps Bay and explain why they can all get fucked.


Rants with Pants Episode 5

Still no joy. Still no effing joy at getting this thing to submit and verify with iTunes. Do I give up? No. Do I have to fork out money?  Yes. Recorded in my car on my way to my buddy Gareth Allison's house for his internet wisdom and skills. Sadly it's still not resolved. Anyway. … Continue reading Rants with Pants Episode 5

Lunch time #Epicburger #meatfreemovember @frysfamily #Frysfamily

This has been a bleak year for many people. It certainly has been one of change for me. I have to say however that my changes have mostly been from a positive space. Ive been giving my future prospects some attention recently and there has been some fantastic response there. 2016 couldn't be looking any … Continue reading Lunch time #Epicburger #meatfreemovember @frysfamily #Frysfamily

Review: The Comics Choice Awards. English may be dead. Long live the Vernac.

On Saturday I had the privilege of flying up to Johannesburg to attend the Comics Choice Awards at the Teatro Theatre at Montecasino. It was quite the grand affair to be honest. Many of the comics putting on their best suits and what-nots and making quite the effort.  I wasn't going to make it at … Continue reading Review: The Comics Choice Awards. English may be dead. Long live the Vernac.

The poster for my new show #SorryNotSorry

I suck at using photoshop.I suck even more with deadlines.Together. The combination of deadline and lack of talent has joined to bring you this wee beastie.It's the new poster for (well) my new show.  I went with #SorryNotSorry because it seems to fit the narrative of the story.Also see the above paragraph about deadlines..