My Final Poster: Hellpants and the FBPK

This is my final poster for the new show.  Very very excited to be writing it at the moment.  I have some pretty sick new ideas and plan on working this show hard for a wee while to come.  Please do let me know what you think of the poster.  It was the work of Durban comic Dusty Rich.  Dusty is a damn fine tattoo artist and kindly did the work for me.  I am going to work hard to get that buff in real life though.  Check them out for more info.


Just how much work does it take to generate a new one-man show?

I have been doing this comedy lark now for a good few years.  Started it all off on Womans Day in 2004.  It was tons of fun, and it sort of stuck.  I worked in the UK for as long as I could bear the long trips in the car and the shit weather.

Im sort of finding my comedy mojo at the moment.  My new show is underway.  I have performed two shows previously at the National Arts Festival and let me be the first to say, They were shit.

Well when I say first.  I think other people actually beat me to that.  I got a shitty review or two and basically hated what I was doing.  The first show “Get-Up Stand-Up” was much better than the latter one, “Things that make me happy” but I swore to myself, that I would make this upcoming show, something that I was prepared to put my name to and my passion.

So I called it something a little off centre.  It is called “Hellpants and the FBPK”

Hellpants and the FBPK
a rought draft of my new poster for my new show....ooh exciting

Now Hellpants is my twitter name.  And the FBPK?  well that is what I am writing about.

2010 was seriously the strangest year of my life.  I am not going to say that it sucked. Cos it didnt.  It sucked that I had my accident, It sucked that I was so badly injured for so long.  But the year was awesome.  I met my fiancee’, I learned a thing or two about life…. and I learned to be funny again.  I think.

I may come across to some folks as an opinionated tit-head at times.  But underneath my grumpy persona lies the heart of a kindly passionate man.  Granted.  My passions may have been self-serving.  But this is all changing or changed already.

I am looking at taking the show on the road later in the year.  In the meantime i am compliing my materail and sketches into a cohesive show. Something I havent been able to achieve before.  I just need to get my Autovilla Kombi Camper sorted out… and I will be on my way.  I just got news of the venue I am in.  I have ten performances booked for the Scout Hall.  The ideal venue for me.  My posters are being designed and printed shortly, advertising is being booked and PR getting sorted.

I really do hope this turns out the way I am hoping.  And I hope you bloody well come to see it too.



Was Eugene secretly Bud Spencer, the Italian Move star of the 70’s and 80’s?

Bud Spencer.

Big fat Italian man who could swim fast and punch (flat hand) harder than anyone on the planet in the 70’s and 80’s
He even made moofies here in South Africa.  So he was obviously not that policically motivated.

I have a sneaky suspicion however that he may just have been the murdered leader of the AWB. The resemblance is uncanny and they both used the Poes Klap to marvellous effect.