Drivetime Robbery Show 4 with Rob Van Vuuren & Martin Evans

Hello Folks


Its the fourth show with Rob and my goodself

We’re going with a science theme today:

Let’s start with

Did viruses invent DNA?

Psych-Out Sexism
The innocent, unconscious bias that discourages girls from math and science.

And some fun ways to fight the bias, first up is Architect Barbie

And then there’s the Smithsonian’s Women of Science comics (alas video is not viewable outside USA – bah, humbug)

But how do you know if you have an unconscious bias in the first place?
Are you racist/sexist/dumb-assist? These handy tests will help you figure out if you’re Manyi…

Other neat stuff:
Polar bear swimmers playing underwater ice-hockey. Or is that under-ice water hockey?

3D printed food-sculptures

Drivetime Robbery with Rob Van Vuuren and Hellpants on @2OVFM

Hello kindly people.

Today marks the second installment of the Drivetime Robbery with Rob Van Vuuren and my goodself.  You can stream the audio from this link Here is the some of the goodies lined up for this week’s show.

We have several in studio interviews for the show.

Including a live set from Rudi and Andre’ of Ashtray Electric who will be at the upcoming RAMFEST.

Lauren Beukes returns with “Lauren’s Weird Shit”  Check out the following links that she is going to be discussing with us:

The Simpsons House as a Quake III level

Narco-drug smuggling submarine (we all live in a narco submarine, a narco submarine)

Back to the Future – now and then photography project:

Project new wallpaper onto the walls of this room – change your décor daily.

Stem cell art

(linked to Victimless Leather – which had to be “put down” in 2008.

Space Beer

And… Rob van Vuuren in Left Hanging…

We will also be chatting to Zwai Bala in New York on his recent Grammy Nomination.  Also on the phone, will be Richard Nwamba, to discuss the blind duo, Amadou and Mariam, from Mali, supporting U2 on concert

Throw in a little Louw Venter in studio and mix it up with some of the best tunes available.  It is going to be a cracker of a show.

Cheers Folks